Welcome Back

So I haven’t blogged for a while, but I have a few things I’d like to write up soon. But first, here’s a short update:

  • Found this wonderful Portable Jekyll package for windows, so now my blog isn’t hidden away inside a VirtualBox machine (so hopefully I can update it more…)
    • Updating to portable jekyll from my older version hidden in my Ubuntu virtual box was quite straightforward - only a couple of deprecated functions needed renaming in a couple places.
  • This then led to me updating my portfolio, fleshing out the Murdoch Tavern Simulator Project entry - check it out.
  • And finally I could knock together this quick blog post with minimal fuss.

As to what is coming, expect some blog posts on:

  • The reinvigoration of my hobby development (game and non-game related) brought on by…
  • My participation in the global game jam (which was great, I highly recommend it)

Adios for now.