What's this all about?

So this is SamCarton.com, the astoundingly originally-named website of a computer science student. Welcome!

I hope to post some interesting updates on what I’m working on as time permits. Currently this includes:

  • Giving JavaScript/WebGL a shot, coming from a predominantly C++/OpenGL background. I’m going through some tutorials, and have made a couple of really simple web renderings using the incredibly helpful three.js library. To learn more JS I have started implementing a version of Conway’s Game of Life. Future projects may include expanding on the cellular automata concept.
  • Figuring out how to develop for the Pebble Smartwatch. Starting with a naive idea that watch apps/faces could be made using simple C source files – and arriving at the realisation that it is actually a pretty involved process (at least just to set up the development environment) – with no Windows-based solution that I know of yet. I’m working through a tutorial to get it setup on my MacBook – there are a lot of cryptic steps involved that serve to baffle an amateur programmer.
  • I’d really like to model (openGL/webGL) electron orbital distributions – just starting with the wave functions of Hydrogen. I have been reviewing wave functions and it should be an achievable, interesting side-project.
  • Maybe a tutorial on Gource video making for Git logs – though once you get over the command-line interface it is actually really simple.
  • We should be starting our physics engine uni project soon, so I may post on issues that come up with that.
  • Figure out how to stop this wordpress theme from hyphenating all the words at the end of lines… (Solution: move to Jekyll… ha)

In any case, this blog isn’t going to change the world – but hopefully it benefits somebody else besides me!