Escape from Robotraz

Escape from Robotraz

Escape From Robotraz was a 3D, first-person puzzle game created as part of a 3-person team project for the unit Games Development. The aim of the project was to illustrate our understanding of game design patterns and game development methodologies.

Robotraz was written in C#, using the XNA 4.0 Refresh framework. The game was rapidly developed over a series of all-day game-jams, in an effort to reduce the impact of this project on other, larger university projects being undertaken concurrently.

Gameplay Features

  • Three levels, with varying puzzles on each.
  • A versatile particle system.
  • Realistic collisions and physics.
  • HUD and messageboxes to convey story progress.
  • Randomized maze.
  • Keyboard and gamepad input options.
  • Ambient soundtrack with immersive sound effects.
  • Final boss battle.
  • Basic character animations.

Personal Contributions

  • Puzzle mechanics development.
  • Camera behaviours development.
  • Audio engine development.
  • HUD and messagebox system development.
  • Co-developed state machine and levels.
  • Model creation, rigging and animation.
  • Dynamic maze-map development.
  • Texture creation.
  • Audio sourcing and creation.
  • Testing, debugging, polishing.

Promo Video

The promotional video can be viewed below:

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