Give Life a New Dimension

Grid Life 2

The third dimension, that is.

Grid Life 02 has arrived, and improves on Grid Life 01 in a few areas:

  • Modern GUI, now with colour selection. Forms? psh.
  • 3D representation of cells, with some simple yet snazzy lighting/shadows.
  • Code structure overhaul – less cooked spaghetti, more…. uncooked… spaghetti.
  • Works properly in other browsers besides Firefox 23… like Chrome 28!

See it in action at a (compatible) browser near you!

I’m quite happy with how it’s looking, and it was surprisingly easy to implement all the new features – thanks to three.js. There are still some features I would like to investigate:

  • Instancing of meshes, so I could use the 1 mesh just rendered at different locations. This would lead to…
  • … Repeat the base grid unit to tile “infinitely” in the plane.
  • Get some picking going, so the user can manually select their own patterns for trialling.
  • The ability to save these patterns, and even offer a selection of ready-made patterns which can be added as desired.
  • A “record” function, to be able to step back through a series of generations.
  • Experiment with rule-sets, maybe even make them open for changing via the GUI.

Now, to get back to having a life before my final Semester truly picks up.